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Celtic DaggerCeltic Dagger Ref: celtdag
Good quality dagger with fine detailed engraving on the blade. Comes with a black leather sheath with silvered mounts set with red cabachon crystals. The hilt is decorated with a celtic man with red cabachon crystals for eyes and celtic animals along the hilt and the butt of the dagger. The blade is made from polished stainless steel.

Length including hilt: 34cm 

Price:   115.00 / $172.50 


Roman Dagger Ref: Romandag
This reproduction roman dagger is of superb quality, with polished hardwood hilt embellished with bronze, stainless stee blade, and comes complete with leather sheath.


Price:   95.00 / $142.50 
Roman Dagger


Large Barbarian DaggerLarge Barbarian Dagger Ref: barbdag
Large heavy quality reproduction Barbarian dagger with engraved detail and polished blade, this is a true beast of a dagger!

Length including hilt: 44cm 

Price:   85.00 / $127.50 


Medieval 14th Century Combat Dagger Ref: combatdag
Fine quality reproduction combat dagger with wooden hilt and a stainless steel polished blade. This dagger matches our Medieval 14th Century Combat Sword.

Length including hilt: 39cm 

Price:   47.50 / $71.25 
Medieval 14th Century Combat Dagger


Little Barbarian DaggerLittle Barbarian Dagger Ref: lilbarbda
Small version of the Barbarian dagger with box. Size approx 25 x 4cm.


Price:   16.00 / $24.00 


Little Robin Dagger Ref: lilrobdag
This attractive small dagger/letter openerr has engraved detail eagle head sheath and a polished blade. Approx 9 inches length.


Price:   16.00 / $24.00 
Little Robin Dagger


If you buy in bulk to resell ask for the password to our trade site at www.spiral.org.uk/trade/acatalog. Email us here with proof/description of trading, VAT/Tax I.D. number or SSN</p> trading, VAT/Tax I.D. number or SSN