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The Spiral Pewter Jewellery RangeThe Spiral Pewter Jewellery Range
All items in this range of Celtic, Gothic and Historical jewellery are designed and made by Spiral. Includes pendants, suites, brooches, bracelets, trinket boxes and T-shirts.

Genuine Antiquities and Historical ArtefactsGenuine Antiquities and Historical Artefacts
All the antiquities in this section have been thoroughly checked by experts and come with a certificate of Unconditional Guarantee of Authenticity. They are acquired from reputable dealers and old collections. We do not sell freshly excavated items.
NEW! Spiral WatchesNEW! Spiral Watches
Cool Blue JewelleryCool Blue Jewellery
Celtic, Gothic, Surf, Punk, Cyber and Clubbing! Including chunky pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Over 200 designs!
Courtney Davis Pendants & MemorabiliaCourtney Davis Pendants & Memorabilia
Designed by Celtic artist Courtney Davis
Pinchbeck JewelleryPinchbeck Jewellery
The best in the history of classic jewellery design from Cavendish French
Costume Jewellery Through the AgesCostume Jewellery Through the Ages
Jewellery Inspired by History - from the Ancient Romans up to the present day! Perfect, whether you're looking for theatrical period costume pieces or stunning and unusual jewellery for evening wear.
Solid Silver JewellerySolid Silver Jewellery
Including pendants, lockets, earrings, brooches, bracelets and rings.
Gold JewelleryGold Jewellery
Now with a stunning diamond range!
A New Concept for Gold Jewellery!A New Concept for Gold Jewellery!
Why pay expensive gold prices?
Quality Gold and Silver Plated JewelleryQuality Gold and Silver Plated Jewellery
Crystals, Fossils and AmberCrystals, Fossils and Amber
Karma BeadsKarma Beads
Including Feng Shui Jewellery
Natural Pearl & Mother of Pearl JewelleryNatural Pearl & Mother of Pearl Jewellery
All Mother-Of-Pearl Jewellery is handmade!
Inexpensive Pewter PendantsInexpensive Pewter Pendants
Unless specifically mentioned, colours of stones in these pendants may vary.
Historical Full Size SwordsHistorical Full Size Swords
Please note -These items will not be sold to people under 18. By placing an order you confirm that you are over 18, Our swords are sold for display only. We do not recommend that they be sharpened.

Due to shipping restrictions we can no longer deliver swords outside the UK.
Please note -These items will not be sold to people under 18. By placing an order you confirm that you are over 18.
Samurai SwordsSamurai Swords

Due to the recent legislation we will not be selling Samurai swords to UK customers after April 6th
Historical FirearmsHistorical Firearms
Including Pistols, Miniature Cannons and Crossbows. Please note that these are reproduction items only - the pistols cannot fire and none are intended for actual use. These items will not be sold to people under 18. By placing an order you confirm that you are over 18.
Re-Enactment WeaponsRe-Enactment Weapons
Unlike our other weapons, these pieces are battle-ready - they can be used for re-enactment!

Please note -These items will not be sold to people under 18. By placing an order you confirm that you are over 18.
Armour, Helmets, Shields and ChainmailleArmour, Helmets, Shields and Chainmaille
Including FULL Suit of Armour!
Sword Letter OpenersSword Letter Openers
Miniature historical swords and samurai swords - PERFECT gifts!
New Age, Folk, Celtic, Ethereal, and Gothic

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Hand-rolled Quality Incense and BurnersHand-rolled Quality Incense and Burners
Candles and Candle HoldersCandles and Candle Holders
Stationery & Desk ItemsStationery & Desk Items
Add a unique touch to any desk or workplace! Including notebooks, diaries and our ever popular Celtic Pens.

If you buy in bulk to resell ask for the password to our trade site at www.spiral.org.uk/trade/acatalog. Email us here with proof/description of trading, VAT/Tax I.D. number or SSN</p> trading, VAT/Tax I.D. number or SSN